Addiction Recovery and Compulsive Behaviors

Health and Happiness is within everyone’s reach and I am here to help you along your way to recovery.

Compulsive Behaviors

It seems lately the industry is flooded with new addictions, diagnoses, treatment modalities, and experts who treat them. Truth be told, there is no cookie-cutter approach to work with problematic behaviors or biogenic affinities. Not everyone believes in a higher power. Not everyone benefits from a group approach. Some people can manage day to day whereas others cannot.

Get on the Right Path

In my two decades of providing therapy and teaching new therapists, I have come to know we are all different, both mentally and physically. It comes down to the nature/nurture debate and whether behaviors are learned (assimilated) or coded (genetic). The answer is a little of both. Why alcohol or drugs or sex can destroy one person's life but have little effect on another, the answer is sometimes as simple as genetics. Sometimes it can be a learned behavior pattern, and sometimes it can be an unconscious automated reaction. Each genesis has its own treatment approach, and I'm here to help you find the right path toward healthy living.  I partner with several addiction specialist physicians for those who need those additional services.

I accept clients who are seeking psychotherapy related to the following:

Alcohol and Drug Addictions
Compulsive Unwanted Behaviors
Self Deception

I will work with you in developing a specialized treatment program for your specific issue. Everyone is unique and deserves respect. Let's work together to get you feeling good about You!